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 OE Browser Version on the iPhone/iPod Touch

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Unfrozen Jon

Unfrozen Jon

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PostSubject: OE Browser Version on the iPhone/iPod Touch   Sun May 23, 2010 3:05 pm

So far I have confirmed it works through CloudBrowse. It remotely renders the page for you (in Firefox unfortunately) and gives you access to flash, java and even the browser version of OE on your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Unfortunately it kicks you out after a short while because you are using a guest account. Cloudbrowse is free for guest account use but will be adding premium accounts soon that will let you install plugins to the remote browser, save your history and bookmarks and stay logged in. They announced on May 12th they would have premium accounts setup in a couple weeks so hopefully its not far away.

This will be a good option to use if you need to travel through dangerous areas where an app crash can be fatal. It also seems to be fairly easy on the battery.

I know Opera Mini renders everything remotely, has anyone else had success with any other options?

Unfrozen Jon
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OE Browser Version on the iPhone/iPod Touch
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