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 Gunman - Real Life FPS for the iPhone

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Unfrozen Jon


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PostSubject: Gunman - Real Life FPS for the iPhone   Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:32 am

Heres an awesome iPhone app that was showcased at CES this week, Gunman [Appstore].

Its a FPS for the iPhone but played through an augmented reality with the camera. Players who enter this multiplayer game via wifi hunt each other down and shoot one another when you get in each other sights.

This is sure to be a lot of fun for us geeks, just remember not to do this in front of normies who might beat you up for this unprecidented level of geekness.

Its free for the next few days so pick it up.

Unfrozen Jon
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Gunman - Real Life FPS for the iPhone
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