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 A Better iPhone Browsing Experience

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Unfrozen Jon


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PostSubject: A Better iPhone Browsing Experience   Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:36 pm

All in all, my iPhone has been a very worthwhile investment. Although I have found reason to criticize that some 3rd apps offer better functionality than Apples standard apps.

I have wanted a better browser for the iPhone but found that Safaris speed and integration too much to part with. Now I have found a browser that has made me replace Safari from my dock, Mercury Web Browser Pro [Appstore].

For .99c this browser is amazing. It offers and defaults to full screen, while still giving easy access to the interface which is gorgeous. Its a tabbed browser and is easy to close & close tabs, with links being opened into new tabs. It has security features built it along with several other useful optios. I have found it very responsive and intuitive. I did not do a speed test against Safari though, but viewing non mobile pages was far better in Mercury than Safari.

Theres a free version if you want to test it out because dropping a whole dollar on it.

Theres also Perfect Browser 3[Appstore] which is another full browser that I found very fast although the interface pails in comparison to Mercury.

Unfrozen Jon
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A Better iPhone Browsing Experience
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