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 Camping Out For iPhone 4, Plus Canadian Deals

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Unfrozen Jon

Unfrozen Jon

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PostSubject: Camping Out For iPhone 4, Plus Canadian Deals   Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:34 pm

Early tommorow morning I am camping out for the iPhone 4 release in Canada.

Bell & Rogers have released their iPhone 4 details and will be charging only $169.99 Canadian for the 16GB model and $269.99 for the 32GB. Better pricing than the US and we've got some exclusive deals too.

Rogers & Bell are once again offering a $30/month 6GB data plan for the iPhone. Good deal however unless your tethering a lot it is largely unused. Many Bell/Rogers customers (like my wife) have been complaining that they can not pay a fee to share their 6GB data plan with their iPad rather than pay $35/month for 5GB of data for their iPad.

Rogers is now charging $20/month to share your data plan with an iPad and Bell is charing only $10/month. Great value for iPad & iPhone owners.

Unfrozen Jon
Retired From The Council...Enjoying His Pension
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Camping Out For iPhone 4, Plus Canadian Deals
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