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 Getting to Merivia via app

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Rokk Skullcrusher

Rokk Skullcrusher

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PostSubject: Getting to Merivia via app   Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:33 am

Here is the route to the Merivian Commonwealth if you need to get there using the app, starting from Pantai.

@Pantai scan 250, jump to Donayrn
@Donayrn scan 200, to Ellaganeth
@Ellaganeth scan 200, to Arenbrig
@Arenbrig scan 200, to Avesvalale
@Avesvalale scan 200, to Raidcia (REFUEL)
@Raidcia scan 250, to Orancara
@Orancara scan 250, to Hallaistel
@Hallaistel scan 250, to Orilorzera (REFUEL)
@Orilorzera scan 400, to Emelausaph
@Emelausaph scan 400, to Iraololius (REFUEL)
@Iraololius scan 400, to Iraaleshan
@Iraaleshan scan 250, to Telezera
@Telezera scan 600, to Derezera
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Getting to Merivia via app
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