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 GNN Article on the Merivia Project

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GNN Article on the Merivia Project Empty
PostSubject: GNN Article on the Merivia Project   GNN Article on the Merivia Project I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 2:53 pm

This weekend several factions began setting up shop in the Merivian Cluster along the South Eastern edge of Quadrant two. There have been rumours for weeks of a colonization project being planned far outside of government space but apparently has been over a month in planning. The main factions behind this project were Appian Frontiers and Outlaw although National Union of Mines, Guild of the Fallen and Inter-Galactic Federation are all strong members of the Merivian Commonwealth.

I spoke with Unfrozen Jon of Appian Frontiers briefly who was celebrating the founding of the Merivian Commonwealth and had this to say, "We extend an open offer to any small factions or players that seek a cooperative and social experience shaping the Merivian Cluster". Since it was apparent Jon was celebrating a bit strongly, Rokk Skullcrusher of Outlaw added that there are some groundrules that should be followed by those settling in Merivia to ensure the best player experience. View details on Merivia in the public section of

Nick Succorso, Director of Commonwealth manufacturing, wished to thank those not in the Commonwealth for making this project possible such as Iron Union, Dark Matter and even Dorvil Barranis' Mercenary Services. Some speculate that Phantoms Shadow should be credited as their wars have prompted a changed outlook on life in Quadrant two.

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GNN Article on the Merivia Project
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