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 OEDev Brandon Speaks on fixing the lag

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OEDev Brandon Speaks on fixing the lag Empty
PostSubject: OEDev Brandon Speaks on fixing the lag   OEDev Brandon Speaks on fixing the lag I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 9:06 pm

26 Sep 2010 chat log

Marcus Vaughn: So this new server..... Brand new or in sync with this one?
Stellar Aitann [DIe]: Very good question Marcus ... lol
Marcus Vaughn: Ie everyone start at zero on the new server?
OEDev Brandon: It will be just a webserver that connects to the same game and master DB servers.
Marcus Vaughn: Rgr
Stellar Aitann [DIe]: But is it a new game server?
OEDev Brandon: Very similar to what I use to debug code, just open for everyone to use, it will run the same live code.
OEDev Brandon: The Game and Master DB servers are barely being touched, the slow down is the network bottle neck to the webserver portion. Adding in the new webserver will help with that bottle neck.
Stellar Aitann [DIe]: Then what was the server migration for?
OEDev Brandon: Increased capacity and lower cost.
Stellar Aitann [DIe]: Anyone have a location of a size 75 PS, NuM or IG colony?
RyansPlace [N.U.M]: Hang on, Stell. Lets not change the subject while Brandon is in an informative mood Wink
Proteus Heaton [RP]: Lol
OEDev Brandon: I know where a large colony is but it isn't part of any faction. Smile
Doblin James [DIe]: Sad
Stellar Aitann [DIe]: Really has no idea whats he talking about
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OEDev Brandon Speaks on fixing the lag
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