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 CWC Branded Items

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PostSubject: Re: CWC Branded Items   CWC Branded Items I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 09, 2010 12:11 pm

The Commonwealth Corporation has started a line of CWCorp custom parts and accessories.
Prices may vary.

CWCorp.MK4 Targeting Computer [
Size: 1, Power: 4, Reduces Ship Targeting Time By -8seconds.

CWCorp.MK10 Jump Engine (Small)
Size: 1, Fuel Consumption: 1.0/lightyear, Jump Time 18seconds

CWCorp.MK9 Power Generator
Size: 1, Increases maximum power reserves by 21 and boosts power recharge rate by 0.12

CWCorp.MK11 Power Generator
Size: 1, Increases maximum power reserves by 23 and boosts power recharge rate by 0.11

CWCorp.MK13 Sensors
Size: 1, Power: 10, +2.1 Planetary Scans, +2 Electronic Detaction, +2 Matter Detection, +2 Visual Detection

Search CWCorp today!!
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CWC Branded Items
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