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 Presidential Appointments

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PostPresidential Appointments

Having reflected overnight, I am uncomfortable with this move. Each councilor is elected by the pilots to represent them, the president is elected by us, the councillors, to organise the agenda for the term, and to chair the debates, other than that the president is equal to the other elected councilors.

I do not agree that the president has a mandate to make any meaningful appointments in this way and do not acknowledge any authority vested with these appointments.

This move causes a suspicion that the presidency can be bought by the offer of positions which I believe has the potential to bring the office into disrepute and is I believe anti-democratic.

This should have been debated by the council before any action was taken.

We are a council of equals elected by our peers.
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Presidential Appointments :: Comments

Re: Presidential Appointments
Post on Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:55 pm  Unfrozen Jon
I believe that an appointment for Economics advisor, PvP advisor, etc might be useful and not an abuse of power but you are right Nick that a Vice President appointment could easily be used to buy off Presidential nominations.

But back on the topic of advisors, Councilors should be vigilant to look at all aspects of issues. Likely they will only be interested in the points that they said they would push for in their platforms but we knew this when voting.

If the other four members of the Council are not expected by the President to be concerned with the Economy, which is the most pressing issue currently, then we as voters have been deceived. On what authourity does the President decide to reassign the priorities of Council members?
Re: Presidential Appointments
Post on Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:32 pm  Unfrozen Jon
I see Nick is hard at work safeguarding our interests with his inquiry into these Presidential Appointments:

Nick's Inquiry

I see James has run this past the Dev's however as pointed out he appointed a Vice as he was concerned that he would not have enough time. We ran into this last time when I won the popular vote and several Councilors wished to go the simplest route and award me the Presidency based on the popular vote. I declined this for two reasons:

- I firmly disagreed with automatically giving the Presidency to the popular vote winner and thought accepting would set a precedence that I would regret.

- I had concerns about being able to dedicate enough time to the Presidency throughout the entire 60 day term.

That is why I asked this question to all Candidates to set the record straight for voters:

Quote :
First of all thank you for running. I have a few questions for the Candidates.

2) Some of us on the First Council had no intention of being President but we did not touch on this until the after the election when we went to choose the President. I would like to know which Candidates are interested in becoming the President and which would not.

To This James Anthony replied:

Quote :
I know that some discussion among the candidates has already taken place on this issue. I for one, would not be seeking the Presidency this term.

I do not wish to tarnish James reputation, I believe he honestly did not pursue the Presidency until other Councilors offered their support. However it seems that his concerns over the time he could dedicate were enough to keep him from pursuing the Presidency during the Election period. But he chose to accept it and create a Vice President appointment so that he could responsibly accept the Presidency.

I find that a very poorly motivated decision from a Pilot who carries so much respect from factions all over the Galaxy.
Re: Presidential Appointments
Post on Wed Jul 07, 2010 6:56 pm  Captain MDSmith
Without this being personal about James Anthony himself...

Doesn't seem like it should be a position that can be passed on to a person of his choosing when he is not available. That circumvents the system in place of the council choosing their president from the elected. The council had no choice in the matter of a Vice President who has the power to make decisions in the presidents absence. A position such as that should have been voted on as well, one, if the position should be utilized, and two, who would hold it. If you fear you will not be available to serve your position, the proper measure would be to step down and serve your role as a councilor instead, and let the council vote in a new President.
Re: Presidential Appointments
Post on Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:24 am  Rikk Slinger
I agree with you Nick. I personally don't have much of a problem with those positions being created, it's just that this should've been discussed with the rest of the Council before an official appointment was made and a vote should have been taken. Also, if James was concerned about not being online enough to fulfill his duties as President, he should've declined the nomination and let someone else be President.

Just my thoughts.
Re: Presidential Appointments
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Presidential Appointments

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