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 Councilor Jon's Outgoing Speech

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Unfrozen Jon


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PostSubject: Councilor Jon's Outgoing Speech   Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:24 am

The First Council of the Nyridion Galactic Government has voted to adjourn. Our goals to set proper elections, responsible Government and create a high standard for successors to follow is in my mind a total success.

I would like to thank the rest of Council, President Corvallis, my many supporters and all who played an active part in Government. You made it rewarding and I can genuinely say I am proud to have served.

Good luck to future Councils and I encourage all to participate. I will play an active participant in Government outside of the Council, continuing to lobby for important issues.

This is the Councilor for the little guy, signing off for now.

Unfrozen Jon
Retired From The Council...Enjoying His Pension
Founder of the Ancient Merivian Commonwealth
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Councilor Jon's Outgoing Speech
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