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Claudius Caecus

Claudius Caecus

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PostSubject: Recruitment!   Recruitment! I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 19, 2009 2:03 pm

In Appian Frontiers we are a business and support faction that offers a wide variety of positions, projects and services. From intelligence gathering to diplomatic mediation, manufacturing, mining and trade initiatives, to scouting, exploration and more.

Appian Frontiers a non-military faction of Outer Empires that will focus entirely on building space routes to allow players and factions to expand and explore further without the risk of running out of fuel and to create a unified push of the frontiers. If the responsibility of building these routes to prevent overpopulation of the government areas is left to military factions then it will lead to closed routes. That would slow expansion and that is why Appian Frontiers will take it upon ourselves to build open highways.

We will work in cooperation with players and factions, since we will focus solely on building routes we will use diplomacy with military and trading factions to protect ourselves. Our revenue will go towards opening up this huge galaxy to all of you and if you feel like being a part of this you may contact Unfrozen Jon or Claudius Caecus to apply. We are looking for mature players who can be an asset at building these routes.

If you wish to apply, please send us your application.
(you can send it via PM (or in-game email) to Claudius Caecus or Unfrozen Jon, or you may post it publicly on this forum).

Please include:
1) Tell us a little about your personality and yourself in real life, mature individuals are essential who can handle some responsibility and refrain from activities or rudeness that would inhibit the proper cooperation required to be in Appian Frontiers. We're not looking for any specific facts, just something we can use to understand who you are. Antecdotes or tidbits are fine. We don't need to know your name or any other specific facts.

2) What you are interested in going within the faction either from the list above, a suggested responsibility or simply to casually work to build these routes. (our organization needs planners, diplomats, accountants, negotiators, manufacturers, etc...)

3) Any previous MMO experience i.e. games you have played and faction/guilds you have been a part of and any special positions you might have held.

4) Any other relevant talents you may have that would be an asset.

5) How often you would be available, approximately (what times of day, and days of week, typically). No one is required to put in an exhausted ammount of time, we would like to know how much responsibility needs to be spread between individuals. This is really just for planning purposes. We'll also periodically poll the membership to find out the typical hours during a day and week that everyone usually plays.

6) Any other suggestions for the faction.

So please contact Unfrozen Jon or Claudius Caecus via PM (or in-game email) or by posting on this public forum with your application to join!

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