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 WizIndustries, llc.

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Wizard 6064

Wizard 6064

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PostSubject: WizIndustries, llc.   WizIndustries, llc. I_icon_minitimeFri May 21, 2010 11:34 pm

WizIndustries, llc. Wizk

WizIndustried, llc. is pleased to bring you top quality products at reasonable prices.

The following items are posted at several easily accessible government stations as well as at the N.U.M. station at Hilifpase, within the CW boarders.

If you would like to order in bulk for any items please send me an in game mail. Discounts for bulk orders.

Jump Engines
Wizard6064.mk8 Jump Engine (small)
- size 1
- fuel consumption 1.o/lightyear
- jump time 18 seconds

Wizard6064.mk12 Sensors
- size 1
- power consumption 9
- +2 planetary scan
- +2 electronic detaction
- +2 matter detection
- +2 visual detection

Targeting Computer
Wizard6064.mk2 Targeting Computr
- size 1
- power consumption 4
- -8 seconds to target time
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WizIndustries, llc.
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