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 SlingCorp Industries

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Rikk Slinger

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SlingCorp Industries Empty
PostSubject: SlingCorp Industries   SlingCorp Industries I_icon_minitimeMon May 17, 2010 6:14 pm

SlingCorp Industries Slingcorp

SlingCorp is a corporation founded by Rikk Slinger. Currently, SlingCorp specializes in the resale of used goods that are in like-new condition. We also now specialize in the selling of resources. Current items for sale are:

x1RokkSkullcrusher.MK11 Bulk Hauler
Hull Strength: 47,
Power: 12,
Engineering Capacity: 98,
Cargo Capacity: 2980,
Fuel Capacity: 1243

45,000 in Aurchan

x3AlphaOmega.MK13 Power Generator
Sold out!

(Possibly) COMING RELATIVELY SOON: SlingCorp's own products made by Rikk Slinger.

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SlingCorp Industries
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