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 Rokks Metal Works

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Rokk Skullcrusher

Rokk Skullcrusher

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Rokks Metal Works Empty
PostSubject: Rokks Metal Works   Rokks Metal Works I_icon_minitimeMon May 17, 2010 4:06 pm

Rokks Metal Works Rokkmetalworks1

RokkSkullcrusher.MK18 System Defence Craft
(Size: Medium / Rank: Medium Class C 2) - Hull Strength: 294, Power: 57, Engineering Capacity: 278, Cargo Capacity: 38, Fuel Capacity: 960, Weapon Slots: 2xSmall 2xMedium 2xLarge

RokkSkullcrusher.MK14 Pulse Beams (S) ,
Max Damage: 14, Size: 4, Power Consumption: 2 per burst, Critical: 15%, +0 Bonus Shields, 1 Second Recharge

RokkSkullcrusher.MK14 Bulk Hauler
(Size: Large / Rank: Medium Class A 2) - Hull Strength: 46, Power: 18, Engineering Capacity: 147, Cargo Capacity: 2940, Fuel Capacity: 1268, Weapon Slots: None

RokkSkullcrusher.MK15 Heavy Cruiser
(Size: Large / Rank: Medium Class C 3) - Hull Strength: 376, Power: 135, Engineering Capacity: 403, Cargo Capacity: 50, Fuel Capacity: 941, Weapon Slots: 3xSmall 3xMedium 1xLarge
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Rokks Metal Works
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