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 New generation

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Unfrozen Jon

Unfrozen Jon

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PostSubject: New generation   Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:24 pm

Tonight I travelled to Caropran to rescue a stranded new player that was being chased by a NPC pirate. I slipped in to the system refueled him and we both escaped to a government system before the pirate could get close to my speedy Explorater (hull, parts and accessories mostly provided by Hagar Lucky and Claudius Caecus).

As we see this influx of new players I encourage the rest of Appian Frontiers and others on this site to help out the new players. We may be established but there's potentially thousands of new players coming and the galaxy may look quite different in a matter of months. It's up to us to help shape it fort the best.

And to Appian Frontiers members, spread the word ingame about our faction and services. Let's hope we recruit more Aediles, Senators, Intel Partners, Allied Traders and Signatories from this new generation.

Unfrozen Jon
Retired From The Council...Enjoying His Pension
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New generation
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