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 Apple Desktop Refresh

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Unfrozen Jon


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PostSubject: Apple Desktop Refresh   Tue Nov 03, 2009 5:05 pm

Apple recently updated the plastic Macbook as well as it's Mac Mini and iMac lines. The Mac Minis now have a dual HD server option (sorry only 2.5" hd's) that has no disk drive but comes with Snow Leopard Server. While it's a nice option it pales in comparison to the iMac refresh, it now comes in 21.5" & 27" LED screens. The smaller one still features the mobile Core 2 Duo architecture but the 27" has made the jump to desktop internals because of it's larger size. You can get the 27" with a core i5 or core i7, four ram channels capable of up to 16 GB ram, can be used as a screen for another device and it is wall mountable. They both come with a standard wireless keyboard and the new multitouch Magic Mouse which brings the desktops finally into the same league as their MacBook cousins.

Apple has shown much innovation in Macbooks but has lagged behind (especially in sales) with it's standard desktop models. I consider the Mac Pro an entire league of it's own and meant for professionals although Mac gamers have wanted the Pro to be more of a gaming rig. The new iMac with it's great graphics card options, core i7 options, huge LED screen, multitouch mouse and wireless keyboard make an attractive gaming rig and home (bedroom) theatre.

I still plan to wait til next fall when Apple adds Light Peak to it's lineup and I will be getting a 27" iMac to mount across from my bed for a bedroom entertainment center and for gaming.

Unfrozen Jon
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Apple Desktop Refresh
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