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 What device do you have?

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Unfrozen Jon


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PostSubject: What device do you have?   Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:49 pm

I currently play OE on my Macbook, Core Duo 2006 model, when at home but I am pacing in anticipation for the iTunes release so I can play it on my iPhone 3G. I've been waiting to upgrade my Macbook for quite a while. I gave my parents my 2007 Aluminum iMac when their old Sony computer I put Ubuntu on finally died on them and I share the Macbook with the wife. I am waiting til next fall now to get either a Macbook Pro or that fabled Apple Tablet device and I'll also be getting a new iPhone next summer as long as its a good upgrade. I'd be quite happy sticking with my 3G for a couple more years, it works great, but I cheaped out and got an 8Gb and I am already running out of space.

I read in the Iron Union forums one of the lifetime members that has a preview version of the app complains of it heating the device up and draining the battery quite a lot. I asked him to specify if he used the 3GS which is most likely because of the heat issue.

On the topic of the next iPhone I wish it would have Light Peak although Intel said it will be 2011 til they have a version suitable for small devices. Heres a list of features it should have:

USB 3.0
32 & 64Gb
Dual Core Corex A9 ARM Processor (obivously underclocked):
Samsung's ARM Corex A8 solution:
HSPA+(Available in pars of Canada now)
LTE(if you look at the global picture 2010 would be a good year to add it)
An update to the PowerVR SGX if an efficient upgrade is available
GloPos, to assist with the iPhones weak GPS:
Upgraded external speaker

OLED is still a new tech which needs improvement. I personally hope they stick with their current screen unless they could get an OLED that works as well in direct sunlight or without huge glare.

I would also like to see a third party company release some nice external hardware to work with the iPhone/iPod Touch such as a gaming shell with some physical buttons. OS 3.0 allows for apps to use third party hardware connected, dev's could build support for such a shell into games.
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What device do you have?
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